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Iguana Removal Blog


Iguana Control and Removal: Learn How to Get Rid of Iguanas

Iguana control is defined as a professional service that can help in reducing green iguana's existing population residing on your property. Iguana control is a trivial problem to those who are living in cooler places, but if you live somewhere iguanas can freely roam, the question of getting rid of iguanas is a major issue. Iguanas are reptiles, a type of plant-eating lizard, eating many kinds of flowering plants and vegetables such as berry fruits, hibiscus, and vegetables . Iguanas create their own living space by digging burrows. Your garden, lawn and walkways may be damaged of these burrows. Iguanas may also leave their unsightly and smelly feces around, causing health problems such as salmonella.


Iguanas that invade gardens, lawns, and properties are mostly domesticated pets that were released by owners who no longer want to take care of them or those iguanas that escaped. Never pick up or touch these iguanas because they have gone feral and they can be very dangerous if they are threatened. Iguanas are best eliminated by keeping them put off your garden, and it involves changing the environment so it's not iguana friendly. It is important not to leave any food scraps like fresh fruits and vegetables in compost bins or out in your garden because these can definitely attract iguanas as they find it as an additional food source. You can also keep iguanas out of your property by finding and getting rid of specific areas where iguanas can hide like low growth and brushy plants, shrubs, and piles of stones or branches. Covering and getting rid of flat and warm surfaces such as rocks and sidewalks where iguanas sun themselves. It is also helpful filling in discovered burrows and never leave them open. Making your garden predator-friendly can help keep out iguanas allowing hawks, owls and crows to eat young iguanas. Taking care of pet dogs can drive iguanas away because of their barks and chasing. Know more about iguanas in


It will also help putting low fences surrounding your garden to keep iguanas out. Putting slick metal collars on trees and shrubs' trunks prevent iguanas from eating the flowers and climbing the plant. Trap and snare iguanas by putting traps and snares at the end of recently put up fences, so iguanas walk along the fence and right directly falling into the traps. If you are looking for an iguana control and removal service company, we can definitely help you get rid of iguanas invading your garden using humane iguana control, trapping and removal services. We highly advise you not to handle iguanas by yourself because they are dangerous and carry salmonella causing sickness and diseases, so better contact a professional to provide you the control and removal services.